About My Blog

This blog is just a fun way to explore recipes, especially ethnic and easy to prepare foods along with some tips that make them easier and less expensive.  While you won’t find gourmet recipes your family and friends may believe the end results are.  

I will try not to include any hard to find or expensive ingredients especially when I can find a substitute.

Now I’m not a professional chef with years of experience, just an everyday person who likes to cook and has been doing it for decades.  I do have several friends who are professional cooks though and they have shared many secrets with me that I will pass-on to you as you read.

Most recipes that you find simply list the ingredients and then show 15 preparation steps condensed into what looks like three or four procedures.  I don’t.  My Ingredients list is normally in the order you will need them.  My directions are broken down into simple steps which increases their number but simplifies everything.  I also tell you how to prepare ingredients to save time and insure nothing is missed.  This tends to simplify preparing the foods because while cooking can be fun it shouldn’t take all day to fry and egg.

I may or may not have tried every recipe as many will come from the internet or cook books but only those who have given me permission to repost.  I’ll let you know who submitted the recipe and their web page or book because if you like the finished product you may want something else by the originator.  Of course I don’t guarantee anything because I’m not sure what your body likes or how you will prepare the food.

I consider a recipe as an outline.  It is up to you if you want to follow everything exactly.  For instance if you don’t like cilantro, use parsley.  The recipe calls for ground beef but you have ground pork, consider it.  If you use something though, you should be able to taste it in the end.  Don’t get carried away with ingredients that make your mouth water if they only cloud the end results.  For example, don’t put semi-sweet chocolate in everything.

Some cooking shows advocate keeping a bowl nearby for what you discard.  I keep four things and this isn’t as complicated as it sounds.  One is for paper products that can be recycled, one is for metal and/or glass things that can be recycled, one is for food wastes that I can throw into my compost pile (it is cheaper to make your own black soil than buy it in a bag), and one is just garbage.

I am not a chef and thus can not multi-task as well as they do.  To compensate, and I suggest you do this also, read the recipe well, possibly several times, to know what you are doing.  Get all the ingredients out before you start.  Nothing worse than getting to the part of adding an egg only to find that you have no eggs.  If the recipe says something like put the celery, onions, and potatoes into the pan, then prepare them (slice, dice, or whatever) and put them together in a small bowl before you start.  When you get to the point of adding them to the pan you wont burn the meat while cooking vegetables.

There are only a few things I ask from you:

1.                  Please feel free to comment on the recipes, suggest new ones, offer advice, or recommend changes.  This blog is for fun and the only way to have fun is with someone else.
2.                  If you enjoy the recipes please tell your friends, email them my address, copy and share a recipe but give the other person my web address.
3.                  The ads are here to assist you.  I was against them with my first blog but a funny thing happened.  In 2010 I simply did not have time for Christmas shopping due to some personal illnesses.  I found myself going to the ads on my blog and shopping over the internet and it worked.  Who knew that Amazon was good for a lot more than books and office supplies.   Now I use the links for birthdays and personal needs. 

Have fun.  I know I will.