These are not in any order but I am including a little “Index” to help you navigate.  Here are just a few things that work for me.

1.            Scalding Milk
2.            Adding Honey and Oil
3.            Cooking Ribs

1.            When you scald milk, on purpose that is, the milk tends to stick to the sides of the pan.  hat I do is rinse the pan out first, then wipe it kind of dry, the pour in the milk.  I don’t really know why this works but it does.  Only a little of the milk sticks to the side.
2.            Quite often you will find a recipe that calls for honey, or sugar but you want to substitute honey for the granulated kind.  Problem is, the honey sticks to the measuring spoon/cup.  Well, if you also need some oil, and the recipe allows for this, measure out the oil first then use the same device for the honey.  For instance, if you need a teaspoon of oil and a tablespoon of honey then put in a teaspoon of oil followed by three teaspoon of honey.  If it is a ¼ cup or more you can try spaying the cup with oil.
3.            When cooking ribs some people know the secret about taking off the membrane that is on the back of the ribs but few people know the trick.  Freeze the ribs first, like overnight, then take them out in the morning and the membrane will come off much easier.  Sometimes I have to let it defrost a bit first but it does always work.,  It is also a good idea to score them between or on each rib, both sides, then steam them a little before putting them on the grill.