Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Now here is a fantastic recipe inspired by some things I found on the internet over the years.  It takes what could be drab chicken and gives it a great taste you remember.  Very easy for yourself or for entertaining a large group when you don’t have much time.

As for the chicken I happen to enjoy using thighs but feel free to use whatever parts you want.  You will have to adjust the baking time though if you use boneless since that cooks much quicker.

·   3 lbs        Skinless chicken
·   ¼ cup     Dijon mustard
·   4 tsp       Vegetable oil (or 1 Tablespoon and 1 teaspoon.  Same thing)
·   4 tsp       Brown sugar (or 1 Tablespoon and 1 teaspoon.  Same thing)
·   ½            Garlic powder (2 minced cloves of garlic work just as well)
·   Vegetable oil spray
·   ½ tsp      Pepper
·   ½ cup     Bread crumbs

1.            On the night before take the chicken out of the freezer, place it on a dish, and let it thaw in the refrigerator. 
2.            In the morning pull and cut the skin and fat off the chicken even though it may not be totally thawed.  I find it is much easier to do this when the chicken is still partially frozen.
3.            Put the chicken back on the wrapper and dish and wash your hands thoroughly.  You shouldn’t have to touch it again until it is cooked and ready to eat.
4.            Begin to preheat the oven to 375 degrees
5.            When you are ready to begin dinner mix the mustard, vegetable oil, brown sugar and garlic together in a small bowl
6.            Lightly spray a baking dish
7.            Using tongs place the chicken on the baking dish
8.            Brush the top and sides with the mustard mixture
9.            Sprinkle the bread crumbs on the chicken
10.        Put the baking dish into the oven and bake for about 50 minutes.  Remember, my recipe is for bone-in thighs so adjust the time for yourself, especially if you are using boneless chicken
11.        Cut into the largest portion of the chicken and observe the juice.  If the chicken juices are clear, you are ready to serve
12.        I like to pull the baking dish out of the oven, place it on the stove, and let it sit a few minutes before serving

I served this with rice and broccoli but feel free to use whatever side dishes you want.  Simple mashed potatoes would be good also.

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